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Information: info@tcsaac.org
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04.09.22 - Victory Over Violence Walk/Run

04.28.22 - 04.29.22:

Annual TCSAAC Conference welcomes Anthony Edwards as the keynote speaker this year. Click on the Annual Conference tab for more information.

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The Tarrant County Sexual Abuse Advisory Council (TCSAAC) is a group of interested members who meet monthly to discuss ways to improve public awareness of sexual abuse and services available to victims.

Sexual assault is a violent crime and includes rape, child sexual abuse, incest, and sexual harassment. Sexual assault is a humiliating, terrifying, and brutal crime; an act which violates a person's innermost physical and psychological well-being. The victim of sexual assault can be anyone; no one is immune, and no one deserves to have it happen to them. Each victim responds in a different way, but every victim needs strong support from family and friends as well as from medical, law enforcement, legal, and social service personnel.

As many as one in three girls and one in seven boys will be sexually abused at some point in their childhood, according to most reliable studies of child sexual abuse in the United States. That means in a kindergarten class of 20 children, at least four are likely to be sexually abused before they graduate from high school. Surveys of U.S. adults consistently show that more than one in five adults were sexually abused during childhood. That means that there are potentially 45 million adults now living in the U.S. who were sexually abused as children. Increased likelihood of depression, substance abuse, sexually transmitted disease, promiscuious behavior, criminal behavior, and difficulties in adult relationships have all been associated with victims of Child Sexual Abuse. One study found that 80% of children who have been sexually abused have some symptoms of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).

If you would like to be more involved in helping the community fight sexual abuse and more information about TCSAAC, please attend our next meeting. Meetings are held at 12:15 on the first Thursday of each month at The Parenting Center, located at 2928 West Fifth Street in Fort Worth.

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