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1MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE: In charge of tracking our current and ongoing membership, this committee is also integral in helping the community be more aware of the Council. The members of this committee review applications for membership and are responsible for introducing them to the Council. The membership committee is chaired by Deborah Caddy, Director of the Women's Center of Tarrant County.
1PROGRAM COMMITTEE: This committee organizes and arranges the weekly presentations for the Council. Members are responsible for learning more about the community and community members in order to further educate the Council. Shelby Hopson, who works with the Fort Worth Police Department Victim Assistance, chairs this committee.

1LEGISLATIVE COMMITTEE: Responsible for keeping the Council informed on new bills and laws that relate to protecting victims, punishment of offenders, and other issues related to sexual abuse in Texas and across the United States. Lawrin Dean, Clinical Director of Psychotherapy Services & Yokefellows, chairs this committee and is very involved in the legislative process.
1CONFERENCE COMMITTEE: Preparing year round for the annual conference held in September, this committee develops the programs and format for the conference each year. This dedicated committee regularly meets to discuss the needs of the community and how to better educate the community regarding the problem and prevention of sexual abuse.
1VICTIM TREATMENT COMMITTEE: This committee looks at the best practices in the treatment of sexual abuse victims and helps professionals in the community to be better prepared in offering assistance to victims.

1OFFENDER TREATMENT COMMITTEE: Developing standards of practice for the treatment of juvenile and adult offenders, this committee also assists in educating the community about what sex offender treatment entails.