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Beginning in 1981, TCSAAC has been instrumental in improving how sexual abuse cases are handled. Members have been active in lobbying for legislative changes, helping to develop training to improve services to sexually abused children and their families. Other projects include development of treatment guidelines for both victims and offenders of sexual abuse.

Current members include Judges, Law Enforcement, Victim and Offender Therapists, Probation and Parole Officers, School Administrators, District Attorneys, Child Protective Services, and many others dedicated to community safety.

TCSAAC allows you to network with an expanding group of professionals that are interested in ending sexual abuse. As a member, you can serve with other professionals on one of our various committees such as Victim Treatment and Services, Offender Treatment and Supervision, Legislation, Conference Planning, Membership and Public Relations. Most meetings include a program from one of the many disciplines involved in the field of abuse. This provides the group the opportunity to stay current on community issues and solutions.

The Council continues to evolve. Future plans include developing creative approaches to the elimination of sexual abuse, developing specialized professional education, and establishing a common philosophy in approaching cases. We are committed to expanding our membership to a wider array of individuals and organizations within our community.